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u) Tucked behind a strip of largely grotty bars that get mad-busy at weekends, this low- key, long-term favourite attracts a mix of locals, expats and tourists.
There?ˉs a fine selection of Belgian beers (from £¤40) and the thin-crust pizzas (from £¤50), cooked in a wood-fired oven in the bar itself, are some of the best in town.
It?ˉs off the courtyard of the You Yi Youth Hostel.
NEARBY THE TREE | BAR OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( Sh¨′ P¨¢ngbi¨?n Ji¨3b¨?; Xingfu Sancun Yixiang, off Sanlitunbei Lu, beers from £¤10; 10am-2am; Tuanjiehu) Run by the same company that runs the Tree, this smaller sister bar has a cute terrace and a similarly pleasant atmosphere.
It also offers some bargain drinks prices.
Glasses of local lager go for just £¤10 (although admittedly they are small glasses) and during happy hour (6pm to 9pm every day) they?ˉre just £¤5! CHOCOLATE | CLUB OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( Qi¨£ok¨¨l¨?; 19 Ritan Beilu, 9pm-7am; Chaoyangmen) There are a number of Russian-style bars around the R¨?t¨¢n Park area, but with its over-the-top, gold-themed decor and cheesy floor shows, as well as a Mongolian dwarf doorman, this is the closest you will come to a genuine Moscow nightlife experience in B¨§ij¨?ng.
Beers start at £¤30.
This is a place to drink in a group, though, so do as the Russians do and order a bottle of vodka (from £¤250).
It gets going after midnight.
VICS | CLUB OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( W¨¥ik¨¨s¨?; 5293 0333; Workers Stadium, North Gate.
Gongrentiyuchang Beilu, Fri & Sat £¤50; 7pm-late; Dongsi Shitiao) Vics is not the most sophisticated nightclub.
Nevertheless, it has remained a favourite with the young crowd for many years now, which makes it some sort of an institution.
The tunes are mostly standard R&B and hip-hop, there?ˉs an infamous ladies night on Wednesdays (free drinks for women before midnight), and weekends see it rammed with the footloose and fancy free.
If you can?ˉt score here, you should give up trying.
Entry is free from Monday to Thursday; it?ˉs located inside the north gate of the Workers Stadium, opposite Mix.
MIX | CLUB OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( M¨?k¨¨s¨?; Workers Stadium, North Gate.
Gongrentiyuchang Beilu, 8pm-late; Dongsi Shitiao) Mainstream hip-hop and R&B are the drawcards at this ever-popular nightclub (admission £¤50), with big-name DJs making occasional guest appearances.
A younger crowd takes to the dance floor in droves.
Very similar to nearby Vics, but slightly younger clientele.
D LOUNGE | BAR OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( Ji¨3 Sh¨′; Courytard 4, Gongrentiyuchangbei Lu, cocktails from £¤50; 7pm-late; Tuanjiehu) High ceilings and exposed brick walls give this cool venue a converted factory feel.
The bright white bar adds some futuristic flavour, while the drinks are well made and the atmosphere is trendy without being overly swanky (although some complain of slightly obnoxious staff).
Popular, but hard to find because of a lack of signage; look for the lower-case ??d?ˉ.
PADDY O?ˉSHEA?ˉS | SPORTS BAR OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( A¨??ˉ¨|rl¨¢n Ji¨3b¨?; 6415 6389; 28 Dongzhimenwai Dajie, beers from 20; 10am-2am; Dongzhimen) Probably the best place in B¨§ij¨?ng for watching sport on TV (Premiership football especially, but also rugby and Gaelic sports), Paddy?ˉs has a large number of screens, allowing for multi-channel viewing.
It?ˉs reasonably big, has a proper bar to sit at and the service is warm and efficient.
The alcohol selection is sound, with Kilkenny and Guinness (£¤55) on tap and lots of bottled beers.
Happy hour is 3pm to 8pm Monday to Friday.
Does pub grub and has a handy Indian restaurant upstairs.
DESTINATION | CLUB OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( M¨′d¨?d¨?; 7 Gongrentiyuchang Xilu, £¤60; 8pm-late; Chaoyangmen) A club for boys who like boys and girls who want a night off from them, Destination?ˉs rough-hewn, concrete-walled interior doesn?ˉt stop it being packed on weekends.
But then, as B¨§ij¨?ng?ˉs only genuine gay club, it doesn?ˉt have to worry about any competition.
MESH | COCKTAIL BAR OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP (Bldg 1, Village, 11 Sanlitun Lu , cocktails from Y70; 5pm-1am; Tuanjiehu) Located inside the achingly trendy Opposite House Hotel, Mesh has been designed to within an inch of its life ¨C white bar, mirrors, fancy light fittings and mesh screens separating its different areas ¨C but the effect isn?ˉt overpowering and it can be fun on the right night.
The lychee martinis here are rightly popular.
Thursday is gay night.
XI¨′ | BAR OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( Xi¨′ Ji¨3b¨?; 6th fl Park Life, Yintai Centre, 2 Jianguomenwai Dajie, cocktails from £¤70; 6pm-2am; Guomao) With its large wood-decked open terrace and regular evening barbecues, the Park Hyatt?ˉs 6th-floor bar offers something a little different from other swish hotel bars.
It?ˉs a calm, almost serene space dotted with water features and surrounding a traditional- style Chinese pavilion.
The cocktails are decent without being B¨§ij¨?ng?ˉs best, and there?ˉs some space for dancing inside (if it?ˉs not too packed).
CARGO | CLUB OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP (6 Gongrentiyuchang Xilu, £¤50; 8pm-late; Chaoyangmen) The best of the cluster clubs located in the strip just south of the west gate of the Workers Stadium, Cargo consistently flies in some of the bigger names in dance music to play to a locals-dominated crowd.
It?ˉs busier during the week than the other places nearby.
ALFA | CLUB OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( ¨??ˉ¨§rf¨£; 6 Xingfu Yicun, beers from £¤20, cocktails from £¤35; 5pm-late; Dongsi Shitiao) Popular gay night on Fridays.
Q BAR | BAR OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP (Q Top fl, Eastern Inn Hotel, Sanlitun Nanlu, 100 cocktails from £¤50; 6pm-late; Tuanjiehu) Friendly cocktail bar with large roof terrace.
Accessed through Eastern Inn Hotel.
S¨?NL¨?T¨2N & CH¨¢OY¨¢NG SIGHTS | EATING | DRINKING & NIGHTLIFE | SHOPPING | SPORTS, ACTIVITIES & COURSES ENTERTAINMENT | LIVE MUSIC DOS KOLEGAS ( Li¨£ngg¨¨ H¨£o P¨|ngyou; 21 Liangmaqiao Lu, admission £¤30, beer from £¤15; 8pm-2am Mon-Sat, 10am-9pm Sun; Liangmaqiao then 909) Tucked away to the side of B¨§ij¨?ng?ˉs drive-in cinema, a couple of kilometres northeast of S¨?nl¨?t¨2n, this fabulously bohemian venue has a large garden with patio seating and offers evening barbecues alongside some excellent live music.
This is a great place to hear local bands (punk, rock, metal), especially in the summer when the whole gig moves outdoors.
UNIVERSAL THEATRE (HEAVEN & EARTH THEATRE) | ACROBATICS OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( Ti¨?nd¨? J¨′ch¨£ng; 6416 0757; 10 Dongzhimen Nandajie, tickets £¤180-680; performance 7.
15pm; Dongsi Shitiao) Young performers from the China National Acrobatic Troupe perform their mind-bending, joint-popping contortions.
A favourite with tour groups, so best to book ahead.
Tickets are pricier the further from the stage you sit.
Keep an eye out for the dismal white tower that looks like it should be in an airport ¨C that?ˉs where you buy your tickets.
POLY PLAZA INTERNATIONAL THEATRE | CLASSICAL MUSIC OFFLINE MAP GOOGLE MAP ( B¨£ol¨? D¨¤sh¨¤ Gu¨?j¨? J¨′yu¨¤n; 6506 5343, ext 5621 6500 1188; 14 Dongzhimen Nandajie, tickets from £¤180; performance 7.
30pm; Dongsi Shitiao) Right by Dongsi Shitiao subway station, this venue hosts a range of performances, including ballet, classical music, opera and traditi
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