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December Holiday magic blankets the Netherlands, even if snow does not (although a few recent white Christmases have given parts of the nation much to cheer about).
SINTERKLAAS On 5 December families exchange small gifts ahead of religious celebrations for Christmas.
NEW YEAR?ˉS EVE In Amsterdam: fireworks displays over the Amstel and elsewhere around town (try Nieuwmarkt).
Big stages on the Museumplein host live bands and plentiful beer tents for a giant party.
Other cities have impromptu raucous celebrations on main squares.
Top of section itineraries Whether you?ˉve got six days or 60, these itineraries provide a starting point for the trip of a lifetime.
Want more inspiration? Head online to /thorntree to chat with other travellers.
Three Weeks Southern Sojourn Start in Amsterdam, stay three days, visit the city?ˉs big museums and relax in Vondelpark.
Discover the Jordaan and the Southern Canal Belt, then take a load off in Hoppe, a grand cafe on the Spui.
Plunge into the city?ˉs celebrated nightlife.
Escape the city by bicycle to enjoy the classic beauty of the Waterland region.
Continue on as in the one-week tour to Haarlem, Leiden (and Keukenhof Gardens, in season), Den Haag (The Hague) and Rotterdam, but add a day for Delft and its Vermeer splendour.
Take the ferry to see the windmills at Kinderdijk, then head for Middelburg, Zeeland?ˉs prosperous capital, and the nearby Delta Project.
Take trains through the Netherlands?ˉ southern provinces, stopping for the hidden canals of lovely Den Bosch, before continuing to Maastricht, a city with more panache than most; two days should be enough to sample some great cuisine and meander through the medieval centre.
Head north to visit Hanseatic Deventer and then head east to the excellent Kr?ller-M¨1ller Museum.
Polish off your trip in the cosmopolitan yet deeply historic city of Utrecht.
Two Weeks The IJsselmeer A practical place to start this tour is Amsterdam; three days will whiz by in a blur of museums, parks, canal tours and nightlife.
Head north along the IJsselmeer coast through the Waterland region to the tiny fishing village of Marken.
Cycle the dykes to cute-as-a- button Edam.
Stay overnight before reaching Alkmaar early to experience its kitsch but fun cheese market, then wander through Enkhuizen ?ˉs enthralling Zuiderzeemuseum.
Next, catch a bus to Den Helder, and a ferry to Texel.
Spend two days (or two weeks?-) dividing your time between beach and bike exploration, then take another ferry to Vlieland to appreciate the wilder side of the Frisian Islands.
From Vlieland, get a ferry to charming Harlingen, from where Leeuwarden is only a short train ride away.
Friesland?ˉs capital is an entertaining place, as is the nearby chain of coastal towns highlighted by Hindeloopen on the IJsselmeer.
Break the train trip at Hanseatic Zwolle and add more stops in Naarden and Muiden, two historical fortress towns.
One to Two Weeks Island Escapes The necklace of low-lying Wadden Islands (Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog) is recognised by Unesco and makes for good island-hopping.
Some ferry links require advance planning; you might be able to link all five by boat but for most there will be connections via the mainland.
From Amsterdam, head to Texel.
Bike along the island?ˉs western coast from sleepy Den Hoorn through dark copses to the Ecomare seal and bird refuge.
Comb the eastern side of the island, visiting the superb Maritime & Beachcombers Museum in Oudeschild.
From De Cocksdorp at the northern end of Texel, board the morning ferry to car-free Vlieland to explore its nature and hiking trails before catching the boat to Terschelling, Friesland?ˉs main tourist island.
Hole up in peaceful Oosterend and cycle the untouched dunes, then hightail it by ferry to Harlingen, a pretty little port on the Frisian coast, and on to Holwerd, to ferry across to somnolent Ameland.
Stay in the whaling port of Nes.
Return via the ports of Holwerd and Lauwersoog and back on a ferry to Schiermonnikoog, the smallest of the Frisian Islands and featuring a windswept, evocative national park.
One Week Eastern Experience The Netherlands?ˉ eastern expanse is largely ignored by tourists, but there is myriad highlights to discover.
Begin your trip in Groningen, a vibrant city filled with students, bars, cafes and a couple of fine museums.
Cycle southeast to Bourtange, a perfectly preserved 17th-century fortified town, before moving on to Borger and its prehistoric hunebedden, stone arrangements once used as burial chambers.
Cycle through the woods to Kamp Westerbork and encounter its moving, horrible heritage.
Catch a train to Zwolle, an unhurried Hanseatic town that?ˉs ideal for backstreet meanders.
A trip through nearby Weerribben-Wieden National Park should include renting a canoe.
From Zwolle it?ˉs only a short train ride to Deventer, one of the most appealing small towns in the Netherlands.
Next, explore the Hoge Veluwe National Park, a natural oasis that?ˉs home to a renowned art museum.
Then head for Den Bosch, which has a dynamite museum dedicated to its namesake artist.
Breda is your next stop, where you can enjoy the city?ˉs cafe-filled centre.
Go back to nature at Biesbosch National Park before finishing up on the lovely old streets and canals of Dordrecht.
One Week The Lay of the Lowlands Begin in Amsterdam.
Visit the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum and rent a bicycle to explore the pretty neighbourhood of Jordaan.
On the second day board a canal boat tour and walk the Red Light District before hitting a brown cafe or coffeeshop.
Or both.
Head west to the town of Haarlem ¨C stroll the compact old quarter, and view the masterpieces at the Frans Hals Museum and the stained glass of the Grote Kerk van St Bavo.
In tulip season (mid-March to mid-May) witness the unbelievable colours of the Keukenhof Gardens, north of Leiden.
Then spend a day among Leiden ?ˉs old-world splendour.
Next, take a day in Den Haag (The Hague), being sure not to miss the Mauritshuis collection, with five-star works from everyone from Vermeer to Warhol.
In the remaining time take a harbour boat tour in Rotterdam and visit the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen and the Maritiem Museum Rotterdam.
The next morning, do a walking tour of the city?ˉs modern architecture before departing for Kinderdijk and its gaggle of Unesco-recognised windmills.
Top of section cycling in the netherlands Good Day Trips by Bike Just a few of the many possible.
Amsterdam to Waterland Loop (37km loop) For more on this route Click here .
Amsterdam to Haarlem (50km to 70km return) A return trip to a great day-trip town that can include a side jaunt to the beach.
Den Haag to Gouda (70km to 80km return) A classic day trip through lush Dutch countryside to a cute little cheesy town.
Rotterdam to Kinderdijk (25km/50km one way/return) See the heritage- listed windmills.
Ride one way and take a fast ferry back.
Dordrecht to Biesbosch National Park (25km to 50km return) A trip to a surprisingly natural park that is best appreciated by bike.
Explore vast marshlands and see if you can spot a beaver.
No matter what shape you?ˉre in ¨C or what age you are ¨C the Netherlands is a perfect country to explore by fie
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