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at Aug; LaLatina) occupies the spot where San Isidro Labrador is said to have ended his daysin 1172.
Displays range from archaeological finds from the Roman period to maps,scale models, paintings and photos of Madrid down through the ages.
Viaducto & Jardines de las Vistillas VIEWPOINT, GARDENS Offline map Google map ( La Latina) For a great view out to the west, take a stroll down Calle de Segovia, where a viaducto (viaduct) provides a good vantage point.
The outdoortables in the adjacent Jardines de las Vistillas are another good spot, with views outtowards Sierra de Guadarrama.
During the civil war, Las Vistillas was heavily bombarded by Nationalist troops from the Casa de Campo, and they in turn wereshelled from a Republican bunker here.
La Morer¨aa NEIGHBOURHOOD Offline map Google map ( La Latina) The area stretching southeast from the viaducto to the Iglesia de SanAndr¨|s was the heart of the morer¨aa .
This is where the Muslim population of Magerit was concentrated in the wake of the 11th-century Christian takeover of thetown.
Strain the imagination a little and the maze of winding and hilly lanes evennow retains a whiff of the North African medina.
Iglesia de San Pedro El Viejo CHURCH Offline map Google map ( 91 365 12 84; Costanilla de San Pedro; La Latina) With its clearly Mud¨|jar bell tower, Iglesia de San Pedro El Viejo is one of the few remaining windows onto the world of medieval Madrid.
The church was built atop the site ofthe old Mezquita de la Morer¨aa (Mosque of the Muslim Quarter).
El Rastro MARKET Google map (Ribera de Curtidores; 8am-3pm Sun; La Latina) The crowded Sunday fleamarket was, back in the 17th and 18th centuries, largely a meat market ( rastromeans ??stain?ˉ, in reference to the trail of blood left behind by animals dragged downthe hill).
The road leading through the market, Ribera de Curtidores, translates asTanners?ˉ Alley and further evokes this sense of a slaughterhouse past.
On Sundaymornings this is the place to be, with all of Madrid (in all its diversity) here in searchof a bargain.
MADRID CARD If you intend to do some intensive sightseeing and travelling on public transport, it might be worth looking at the Madrid Card ( 91 360 47 72; www.madridcard.com; 1/2/3 days adult €39/49/59, child age 6- 12 €20/28/34) .
It includes free entry to more than 50 museums in and around Madrid (some of these are already free, but it does include the Museo del Prado, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Centro de Arte Reina Sof¨aa, Estadio Santiago Bernab¨|u and Palacio Real); free walking tours; and discounts in a number of restaurants, shops, bars and car rental.
The Madrid Card can be bought online, or in person at the tourist offices on Plaza Mayor or Terminal 4 in Barajas airport, the Metro de Madrid ticket office in Terminal 2 of the airport, the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, and in some tobacconists and hotels.
A list of sales outlets appears on the website.
HUERTAS & ATOCHA If Huertas is known for anything, it?ˉs for nightlife that never seems to abate once thesun goes down.
Such fame is well deserved, but there?ˉs so much more to Huertasthan immediately meets the eye.
Enjoy the height of sophisticated European cafeculture in the superb Plaza de Santa Ana, then go down the hill through Barrio delas Letras to the Centro de Arte Reina Sof¨aa, one of the finest contemporary artgalleries in Europe.
Across the Plaza del Emperador Carlos V from the gallery, theAntigua Estaci¨?n de Atocha marks the beginning of the Atocha district.
Huertas Top Sights Barrio de las Letras F2 Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza F2 Plaza de Santa Ana D2 Sights 1 Bas¨alica de Nuestra Se?ora del Buen Consejo A3 2 Calle de Cervantes 2 E3 3 Casa de Lope de Vega E2 4 Convento de las Trinitarias E3 Activities, Courses & Tours 5Fundaci¨?n Conservatorio Casa Patas C3 6 Letango Tours B4 Sleeping 7 Cat's Hostel C3 8 Chic & Basic Colors D3 Hostal Adria Santa Ana (see 9) 9 Hostal Adriano C2 10 Hostal Sardinero E2 11 Hotel Alicia D2 12 Hotel El Pasaje D1 13 Hotel Miau D3 14 Hotel Urban E1 15 Mad Hostel C4 16 Me by Mel¨aa C2 17 Westin Palace F2 Eating 18 Casa Alberto D3 19 Estado Puro F2 20 La Casa del Abuelo C2 21 La Finca de Susana D1 22 La Trucha C2 23 Las Bravas C2 24 Lhardy D1 25 Los Gatos F3 26 Maceiras F3 27 Sidrer¨aa Vasca Zera¨an E3 28 Vi Cool D3 Drinking 29 Cervecer¨aa Alemana D2 El Imperfecto (see 38) 30 La Escalera de Jacob C4 31La Venencia D2 32 Taberna Alhambra C1 33 The Penthouse C2 34 Viva Madrid D2 Entertainment 35Caf¨| Central C3 Casa Patas (see 5) 36 Cine Dor¨| D4 37 La Boca del Lobo D2 38 Populart D3 39 Stella D1 40 Teatro de la Zarzuela E1 41 Teatro Espa?ol D2 42 Villa Rosa C2 Shopping 43 Gil C1 44 Mar¨aa Cabello D2 MUSEUM Centro de Arte Reina Sof¨aa Offline map Google map ( www.museoreinasofia.es; Calle de Santa Isabel 52; adult/concession €6/free, freeSun, 7-9pm Mon-Fri & 2.
30-9pm Sat; 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, 10am-2.
30pm Sun; Atocha) Home to Picasso?ˉs Guernica, arguably Spain?ˉs single most famousartwork, the Centro de Arte Reina Sof¨aa is Madrid?ˉs premier collection of contemporary art.
In addition to plenty of paintings by Picasso, other major drawcards are works by Salvador Dal¨a (1904¨C1989) and Joan Mir¨? (1893¨C1983).the collection principally spans the 20th century up to the 1980s (for more recentworks, check to see if the Museo Municipal de Arte Contempor¨¢neo Offline map Google map ( 91 588 59 28; www.munimadrid.es/museoartecontemporaneo;Calle del Conde Duque 9-11; Plaza de Espa?a, Ventura Rodr¨aguez, San Bernardo) , which was closed for renovations at the time of writing, has reopened).the occasional non-Spaniard artist makes an appearance (including Francis Bacon?ˉsLying Figure; 1966), but most of the collection is strictly peninsular.
The permanent collection is displayed on the 2nd and 4th floors of the main wingof the museum, the Edificio Sabatini .
Guernica?ˉs location never changes ¨C you?ˉllfind it in room 206 on the 2nd floor.
Beyond that, the location of specific paintingscan be a little confusing.
After a period of grouping together works by the sameartist, the museum has moved towards a more theme-based approach, which ensuresthat you may find works by Picasso or Mir¨?, for example, spread across the two floors.
The only solution if you?ˉre looking for something specific is to pick up thelatest copy of the Planos de museo (Museum Floorplans) from the information deskjust inside the main entrance; it lists the rooms in which each artist appears.
In addition to Picasso?ˉs Guernica, which is worth the admission fee on its own,don?ˉt neglect the artist?ˉs preparatory sketches in the rooms surrounding room 206;they offer an intriguing insight into the development of this seminal work.
If Picasso?ˉs cubist style has captured your imagination, the work of the Madrid-bornJuan Gris (1887¨C1927) or Georges Braque (1882¨C1963) may appeal.
The work of Joan Mir¨? is defined by often delightfully bright primary colours, butwatch out also for a handful of his equally odd sculptures.
Since his paintings became a symbol of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, his work has begun to receivethe international acclaim it so richly deserves ¨C the museum is a fine place to get arepresentative
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