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hal-looking blunderbusses.
The folk paintings are offerings placed by sailors on the altar of the pilgrimage church at Strunjan for protection against shipwreck.
Museum of Underwater Activities MUSEUM Offline map Google map (Muzej Podvodnih Dejavnosti; 041 685 379; www.muzejpodvodnihdejavnosti.
si; ?upan?i?eva ulica 24; adult/student & child €3/2; 9.
30am-10pm Jun-Sep) The Museum of Underwater Activities makes much of Piran?ˉs close association with the sea and diving.
Tartinijev Trg SQUARE Offline map Google map The statue of the nattily dressed gentleman in Tartinijev trg, an oval-shaped, marble-paved square that was the inner harbour until it was filled in 1894, is that of local boy-cum-composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini Offline map Google map (1692¨C1770).
To the east is the 1818 Church of St Peter Offline map Google map (Cerkev Sv Petra; Tartinijev trg) , which contains the wonderful 14th- century Piran Crucifix .
Across from the church is Tartini House Offline map Google map (Tartinijeva Hi?a; 663 35 70; Kajuhova ulica 12; adult/child €1.
50/1; 9am-noon & 6-9pm Tue-Sun Jul & Aug, 11am-noon & 5-6pm Tue-Sun Sep-Jun) , the composer?ˉs birthplace and a popular concert venue.
The Court House Offline map Google map (Sodnijska Pala?a; Tartinijev trg 1) , which has two 17th-century doors, and the porticoed 19th-century Municipal Hall Offline map Google map (Ob?inska Pala?a; Tartinijev trg 2) housing the TIC are to the south.
The two 15th- century flagpoles at the entrance to the square bear Latin inscriptions praising Piran, the town?ˉs coat of arms, a relief of St George (the patron) to the left and one of St Mark with the lion symbol on the right.
Venetian House HISTORIC BUILDING Offline map Google map (Bene?anka; Tartinijev trg 4) One of Piran?ˉs most eye-catching structures is the red 15th- century Gothic Venetian House, with its tracery windows and balcony, in the northeast of the square.
There is a story attached to the stone relief between the two windows of a lion with a banner in its mouth and the Latin inscription Lassa pur dir above it.
A wealthy merchant from Venice fell in love with a beautiful local girl, but she soon became the butt of local gossips.
To shut them up (and keep his lover happy), the merchant built her this little palace complete with a reminder for his loose-lipped neighbours: ??Let them talk.
?ˉ Cathedral of St George CATHEDRAL Offline map Google map (Stolna Cerkev Sv Jurija; Adami?eva ulica 2) This Renaissance and baroque cathedral stands on a ridge north of Tartinijev trg above the sea.
To the east runs a 200m stretch of the 15th-century town walls complete with loopholes.
The walls once ran from the sea all the way to the harbour, and seven crenellated towers are still intact.
The church was founded in 1344 and was rebuilt in baroque style in 1637.
If time weighs heavily on your hands, visit the attached Parish Museum of St George Offline map Google map ( 673 34 40; admission €1; 10am-1pm & 5-7pm Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm Sat & Sun) , which contains church plate, paintings and a lapidary in the crypt.
The cathedral?ˉs freestanding, 47m-high bell tower Offline map Google map (Zvonik; admission €2; 10am-2pm & 5-8pm) , built in 1609, was clearly modelled on the campanile of San Marco in Venice and its 146 stairs can be climbed for excellent views of the town and harbour.
Next to it, the octagonal baptistery (Offline map Google map krstilnica ) from 1650 contains altars, paintings and a Roman sarcophagus from the 2nd century recycled as a baptismal font.
Minorite Monastery MONASTERY Offline map Google map ( 673 44 17; Bolni?ka ulica 20) On your way up to Tartinijev trg are the Minorite Monastery with a wonderful cloister and the Church of St Francis Assisi , built originally in the early 14th century but enlarged and renovated over the centuries.
Inside are ceiling frescoes, a giant clamshell for donations and the Tartini family?ˉs burial plot.
Church of Our Lady of the Snows CHURCH Offline map Google map (Cerkev Marije Sne?ne; Bolni?ka ulica) Almost opposite the Minorite Monastery is the Church of Our Lady of the Snows, with a superb 15th-century arch painting of the Crucifixion.
Obzidna Ulica STREET Behind the market north of Tartinijev trg, medieval homes have been built into an ancient defensive wall along Obzidna ulica, which passes under the 15th- century Dolphin Gate Offline map Google map (Dolfinova Vrata; Obzidna ulica) , with a plaque showing three of our smiling friends.
?idovski trg Offline map Google map , the centre of Jewish life in Piran in the Middle Ages, is about 100m to the northwest of here.
Trg 1 Maja & Punta SQUARE Offline map Google map (1st May Sq) This square may sound like a socialist parade ground, but it was the centre of Piran until the Middle Ages, when it was called Stari trg (Old Sq).
The surrounding streets are a maze of pastel-coloured overhanging houses, vaulted passages and arcaded courtyards.
The square is surrounded by interesting baroque buildings, including the former town pharmacy (Lekarna; Trg 1 Maja 2) on the north side (now the Fontana restaurant).
In the centre of the square is a large baroque cistern Offline map Google map (vodnjak) that was built in the late 18th century to store fresh water; rainwater from the surrounding roofs flowed into it through the fish borne by the stone putti cherubs in two corners.
Punta Offline map Google map , the historical ??point?ˉ of Piran, still has a lighthouse , but today?ˉs is small and modern.
Attached to it out back, however, the round, serrated tower of the Church of St Clement Offline map Google map (Pre?ernovo) , originally built in the 13th century but altered 500 years later, evokes the ancient beacon from which Piran got its name.
It has a lovely (though decrepit) stuccoed ceiling.
Activities BOATING & CRUISES The Maona Tourist Agency and several other agencies in Piran and Portoro? can book you on any number of cruises ¨C from a loop that takes in the towns along the coast to day-long excursions to Brioni National Park and Rovinj in Croatia, or Venice and Trieste in Italy.
DIVING Noriksub DIVING Offline map Google map ( 041 590 746, 673 22 18; www.skupinanoriksub.
si; Pre?ernovo nabre?je 24; shore/boat dive €30/40; 10am-noon & 2-6pm Tue-Sun summer, 10am-4pm Sat & Sun winter) Organises shore and boat-guided dives, runs PADI open- water courses (beginners €240) and hires equipment.
SWIMMING Piran has several ??beaches?ˉ ¨C rocky areas along Pre?ernovo nabre?je ¨C where you might get your feet wet.
They are a little better on the north side near Punta, but as long as you?ˉve come this far keep walking eastward on the paved path for just under 1km to Fiesa, which has a small but clean beach.
Festivals & Events Tartini Festival MUSIC FESTIVAL (www.tartinifestival.org; late Aug¨Cmid-Sep) The Tartini Festival of classical music takes place in venues throughout Piran, including the vaulted cloister of the Minorite Monastery, from late August to mid-September.
Sleeping Private rooms (single €16 to €30, double €23 to €42) and apartments (for two €38 to €50, for four €60 to €84) are available through the Maona Tourist Agency ( Click here ) and Turist Biro .
B&B Max Piran €€ Offline map Google map ( 041 692 928, 673 34 36; www.maxpiran.com; Ulic
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