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si; Borov?ka cesta 75; mains €8-18; ) One of Kranjska Gora?ˉs better eateries, the restaurant in this stylish inn, with bits of painted dowry chests on the walls, serves grilled meats ¨C pepper steak is a speciality ¨C that should keep you going for a while.
The adjoining pizzeria (pizza €6-9; noon-10.
30pm) , with a wood-burning stove, is a great choice for something quicker.
Gostilna Pri Martinu €€ SLOVENIAN ( 582 03 00; Borov?ka cesta 61; mains €7-14; 10am-11pm; ) This atmospheric tavern-restaurant in an old house opposite the fire station is one of the best places in town to try local specialities, such as je?prenj (barley soup), tele?ja obara (veal stew) and ri?et (barley stew with smoked pork ribs).
One of the few places to offer a full three-course luncheon menu (€7).
Penzion Lipa €€€ SLOVENIAN (www.penzion-lipa.
si; Koro?ka cesta 14; mains €8-20; 11am-11pm) This attractive, family-style restaurant below a popular guesthouse also does decent pizzas and pasta dishes.
There?ˉs an enclosed terrace for summer dining.
?ang Hai € CHINESE (www.sanghai-restavracija.com; Naselje Slavka ?erneta 34; mains €8-12; noon-midnight) This Chinese restaurant in a depressing location on the ground floor of the TGC Shopping Centre offers practically the only alternative in town to Slovenian food and pizza.
The menu is particularly strong on fish dishes.
You?ˉll find it facing the car park on the north side of the shopping centre.
Drinking Sport Point Caf¨| CAFE (www.sport-point.
si; Borov?ka cesta 93/a; 7.
30am-9pm Mon-Fri, 7.
30am- 10pm Sat & Sun; ) This convenient spot next to the TIC is a good place to relax over coffee and plan the day?ˉs events.
Vopa Pub PUB ( 041 840 806; Borov?ka cesta 92; 7am-1am Sun-Thu, 7am-5am Sat & Sun; ) This bar near the post office is practically the only place in town with a pulse after 10pm.
The ground-floor pub operates year-round, while a club of the same name downstairs is the place to go during the ski season.
Count on DJs and a pretty lively apr¨|s-ski scene on weekends.
Information The Kranjska Gora Tourist Information Centre (TIC; 580 94 40; www.kranjska-gora.
si; Ti?arjeva cesta 2; 8am-7pm Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm Sun Jun-Sep & mid-Dec¨CMar, 8am-3pm Mon-Sat Apr, May & Oct¨Cmid-Dec) is centrally located.
Most of the other facilities for visitors are just a short walk away, including branches of Gorenjska Banka (Borov?ka cesta 95) and SKB Banka (Borov?ka cesta 99a) , and the post office (Borov?ka cesta 92) .
Getting There & Away Buses run hourly to Ljubljana (€8.
70, two hours, 91km) via Jesenice (€3.
10, 30 minutes, 24km), where you should change for Bled (€2.
70, 20 minutes, 19km).
There?ˉs just one direct departure to Bled (€4.
80, one hour, 40km) on weekdays at 9.
15am and at 9.
50am on weekends.
Alpetour ( 201 31 30; www.alpetour.
si) runs regular buses to Trenta (€4.
70, 70 minutes, 30km) and Bovec (€6.
70, two hours, 46km) from June through September via the Vr?i? Pass.
Check the website for a timetable.
There are normally about four departures daily (more at the weekend).
Buy tickets from the driver.
ROUTE 1 FROM LAKE BLED ROUTE 2 FROM LAKE BOHINJ Walking Tour Mt Triglav: Reaching the Summit There are at least 20 different ways to reach the summit of Mt Triglav at 2864m.
We?ˉve mapped out two popular approaches, one starts from near Lake Bled, the other from near Lake Bohinj.
Route 1: From Lake Bled The shortest way to reach the peak starts from Rudno Polje (1347m) on the Pokljuka Plateau, 18km southwest of Bled.
An experienced climber could do this in under 12 hours out and back, but most mortals choose to stay overnight.
The route follows a well-marked trail under Vi?evnik (2050m) and over the Studor Saddle (1892m), before contouring around the slopes of Tosc (2275m).
Three hours of hiking brings you to the Vodnikov Dom na Velem Polju mountain hut, at 1817m.
You can sleep here, or continue another two hours to the Dom Planika pod Triglavom at 2401m.
From here, it?ˉs an hour of scrambling along the ridge, grabbing hold of metal spikes and grips, to the top of Mt Triglav .
Route 2: From Lake Bohinj This longer walk starts from near the Savica Waterfall , on the western end of Lake Bohinj, and normally requires two overnights.
The path zig-zags up the steep Komar?a Crag (1340m), with an excellent view of the lake.
Four hours north of the falls is Ko?a pri Triglavskih Jezerih , at 1685m, where you spend the first night.
On the second day, hike north along the valley, then northeast to the desert-like Hribarice Plateau (2358m).
Then descend to the Doli? Saddle (2164m) and the Tr?a?ka Ko?a na Doli?u hut, at 2151m.
You could well carry on to Dom Planika pod Triglavom about 1? hours to the northeast, but this is often packed.
It?ˉs better to stay where you?ˉre sure there?ˉs a bed unless you?ˉve booked ahead.
From Dom Planika it?ˉs just over an hour to the Triglav summit.
Triglav National Park 04 & 05 / ELEV TO 2864M Triglav National Park (Triglavski Narodni Park), abbreviated TNP everywhere in Slovenia, with an area of 83,800 hectares (just over 4% of Slovenian territory), is one of the largest national reserves in Europe.
It is a pristine, visually spectacular world of rocky mountains ¨C the centrepiece of which is Mt Triglav (2864m), the country?ˉs highest peak ¨C as well as river gorges, ravines, canyons, caves, rivers, streams, forests and Alpine meadows.
Although Slovenia counts three large regional parks and 44 much smaller country (or ??landscape?ˉ) parks, this is the country?ˉs only gazetted national park, and it includes almost all of the Alps lying within Slovenia.
The idea of a park was first mooted in 1908 and realised in 1924, when 1600 hectares of the Triglav Lakes Valley were put under temporary protection.
The area was renamed Triglav National Park in 1961 and expanded 20 years later to include most of the eastern Julian Alps.
Today the park stretches from Kranjska Gora in the north to Tolmin in the south and from the Italian border in the west almost to Bled in the east.
The bulk of the park lies in Gorenjska, but once you?ˉve crossed the awesome Vr?i? Pass ¨C at 1611m, Slovenia?ˉs highest ¨C and begun the descent into the So?a Valley, you?ˉve entered Primorska.
It is a popular weekend destination for all manner of activity, from hiking and mountain biking to fishing and rafting.
And there are approaches from Bohinj, Kranjska Gora and, in Primorska, Trenta ¨C to name just a few gateways.
Marked trails in the park lead to countless peaks and summits besides Mt Triglav.
Favourite climbs include Mangart (2679m) on the Italian border (the 12km road that descends to the Predel Pass is the highest road in Slovenia), the needlepoint of Jalovec (2645m) in the north, and the sharp ridge of Razor (2601m) southeast of Vr?i?.
Triglav National Park is not only about climbing mountains.
There are easy hikes through beautiful valleys, forests and meadows, too.
Two excellent maps for this purpose are the PZS 1:50,000-scale Triglavski Narodni Park ( Triglav National Park ; €8.
50) and Freytag & Berndt?ˉs 1:50,000 Julische Alpen for €9.
CLIMBING MT TRIGLAV The 2864m limestone peak called Trig
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