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00m-high rock route on Trollveggen and the 1550m-high Romsdalshorn, but there are a wealth of others.
Serious climbers should buy Klatring i Romsdal (Nkr300), which includes rock- and ice-climbing information in both Norwegian and English.
Fishing John Kofoed ( 971 79 442; www.rauma-jakt-fiskesafari.
no) runs three- hour fishing tours (adult/child Nkr350/175 plus Nkr75 per rod) on Romsdalsfjorden three times daily in summer.
Reserve directly or through the tourist office.
Festivals & Events Norsk Fjellfestival OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES (Norway Mountain Festival; www.norsk-fjellfestival.
no, in Norwegian) A week-long jamboree for lovers of the great outdoors with plenty of folk events thrown in.
Early July.
Rauma Rock ROCK MUSIC (www.raumarock.com, in Norwegian) Central Norway?ˉs largest outdoor rock gathering.
Two days in early August.
World Base Race BASE JUMPING (www.worldbaserace.com) Organised base jumping ¨C if that?ˉs not a paradox ¨C as contestants leap into the void in a head to head contest.
Invented in ?ndalsnes, it?ˉs now spreading to other countries, and is held in mid-August.
Sleeping Hotel Aak HOTEL €€ ( 71 22 71 71; www.hotelaak.
no, in Norwegian; s/d Nkr850/1100; mid-Jun¨CAug; ) This charming place, the oldest tourist hotel in Norway, lies beside the E136, direction Domb?s, 4km from town.
Most of the 16 comfortable bedrooms are named after a mountain that you can see from the bedroom window (though in one or two you may have to poke your head out a little).
Its restaurant (mains Nkr150-190; 4-10pm) is equally impressive and offers excellent traditional cuisine.
As it?ˉs so small, do reserve in advance.
Grand Hotel Bellevue HOTEL €€ ( 71 22 75 00; www.grandhotel.
no; ?ndalgata 5; s/d 1030/1240; ) This large whitewashed structure caps a hillock in the centre of town.
Most of its 86 rooms have fine views, particularly those facing the rear.
There?ˉs a public swimming pool barely 100m away.
Its restaurant (mains Nkr135-275; dinner only) offers the town?ˉs most formal dining, but you can always nibble on a lighter dish for around Nkr100.
Take a look at the vintage black-and-white photos in the corridor, including one of a very young and sprightly Cliff Richard.
From the hotel, you can walk straight into the interconnecting town library, cinema and auditorium.
?ndalsnes Vandrerhjem Setnes HOSTEL € ( 71 22 13 82; www.aandalsnesvandrerhjem.
no; dm/s/d Nkr275/480/690; Mar-Nov) This welcoming, HI-affiliated, sod-roofed hostel is 1.
5km from the train station on the E136, direction ?lesund.
It?ˉs worth staying here for the bumper pancakes-and-pickled-herring breakfast alone.
The ?lesund bus that meets the train passes right by.
Rise early and you can be first aboard the bus that runs to Valldal and on to Geiranger via Trollstigen; the bus driver parks his bus right beside the hostel.
Trollstigen Resort CAMPGROUND € ( 71 22 68 99; www.trollstigenresort.com; car/caravan sites Nkr100/140, 4-/5-bed cabins from Nkr500/800; ) Recognisable by the strapping wooden troll at its entrance, this well-kept campground is 2km along the Rv63 highway, direction Geiranger.
The welcome?ˉs warm and the location, overlooking the River Rauma, is scenic and altogether quieter than the riverside alternatives.
There are plans to construct a small hotel and restaurant.
?ndalsnes Camping CAMPGROUND € ( 71 22 16 29; www.andalsnes-camping.com; car/caravan sites Nkr125/140, 4-bed cabins with outdoor bathroom Nkr450, 6-7-bed cabins with bathroom Nkr880; May¨Cmid-Sep; ) Less than 2km from town, it enjoys a dramatic setting beside the River Rauma.
There?ˉs internet access (Nkr60 per hour) and you can hire canoes (Nkr50/200 per hour/day) and bikes (Nkr50/110 per hour/day).
Eating & Drinking Kaikanten CAFE, RESTAURANT € (daily specials Nkr98, snacks Nkr35-78, dishes Nkr60-195; 10am-11pm Mon-Sat, noon-9pm Sun mid-May¨CAug) Sit back and relax here at the jetty?ˉs edge and enjoy a drink, a snack and one of Norway?ˉs prettiest panoramas in this welcoming place, run by the Grand Hotel.
M?ndalen Bakeri CAKE SHOP € (Havnegate 5; 8.
30am-5pm Mon-Fri, 8.
30am-2pm Sat) For sandwiches, sweet treats and all things delicious, call by M?ndalen Bakeri, on the waterfront near the train station.
Kjellar?ˉn PUB ( Fri & Sat) What a contrast with the sober, slightly dated decor of the Grand Hotel Bellevue! The hotel?ˉs cellar bar, backlit in pink and lime green, is where the town meets at weekends to drink, chat and dance until late.
Information The tourist office ( 71 22 16 22; www.visitandalsnes.com; 9am-7pm mid-Jun¨Cmid-Aug, rest of year 9am-3pm Mon-Fri) is at the train station .
It rents bikes (Nkr50/180 per hour/day) and has internet and wi-fi.
Romsdal Libris , the bookshop over the road from the tourist office, also has wi-fi, which extends to the quayside in front of it.
Getting There & Away Bus Buses along the spectacular National Tourist Route to Geiranger (Nkr222, three hours), via Trollstigen, the Linge¨CEidsdal ferry and the steep ?rnevegen (Eagle?ˉs Way), run twice daily between mid-June and mid-August.
There are also services to Molde (Nkr127, 1? hours, up to eight daily) and ?lesund (Nkr255, 2? hours, four times daily).
Train Trains to/from Domb?s (Nkr217, 1? hours) run twice daily in synchronisation with Oslo¨CTrondheim trains.
Trains connect in ?ndalsnes twice daily with the express bus service to ?lesund via Molde.
Valldal & Around VALLDAL Valldal is a place that travellers tend to pass through, having driven over the famous Trollstigen pass from ?ndalsnes or savoured the exquisitely beautiful ferry journey from Geiranger.
Perched in a nick of Norddalsfjord, its agricultural surrounds lay claim to being Europe?ˉs northernmost orchards.
Here apples, pears and even cherries thrive ¨C and you?ˉll also find strawberries in profusion, commemorated in an annual Strawberry Festival , usually on the last weekend in July.
Syltet?ysbutikken (Syltegata) is the place to sample the fruits, whatever the season.
On the road behind and east of the church, it has a healthy selection of jams and juices, pressed and simmered in the small factory behind the shop and sourced in the main from local farmers.
From Valldal you can experience a four-hour white-water rush (Nkr690) down the Valld?la River or a shorter two-hour trip (Nkr490).
Contact Valldal Naturopplevingar (www.valldal.
no; May-Sep) , whose headquarters is 200m from the tourist office.
It also offers kayak hire and a variety of other outdoor activities such as wilderness camping and, in winter, moonlight ski trips.
Sleeping & Eating There?ˉs no shortage of campgrounds, many overpopulated with caravans parked semi-permanently.
Fjellro Turisthotell HOTEL €€ ( 70 25 75 13; www.fjellro.
no; Syltegata; s/d incl breakfast Nkr785/1020; May-Sep) At charming ??Mountain Peace?ˉ, just behind (northeast of) Valldal?ˉs church, the welcome is warm and rooms are well appointed.
There?ˉs a cafe- restaurant ( 7-10pm) that specialises in fish, and a pub on the ground floor, open at weekends.
At the rear is a tranquil garden with a small playground for children.
Jordb?rstova CAFE € ( May-Sep) About 6km up the ?ndalsnes road, Jordb?rstova honours the valley?ˉs
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